Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Few of us know the web of conspiracy surroundingrenowned Zachariah the Zebra at a well-known zoo.The fate of the poor aforementioned animal seemed to beset in stone when he finally passed away after years offaithful service to the zoo. Distress failed to describe theemotions of the children who had traveled from all cornersof the country to see poor old Zack.And so, decided the authorities, action had to be taken.The expressions on the faces of the hordes of distraughtchildren who had rushed so expectantly to Zack’s cage wasjust too much to bear. An artful disguise was undertaken. Ahorse was imported from the adjoining cage and waspainted black and white. And no one noticed. The delightof the children knew no bounds. Zack was back.This project was not without its complications, however—not least of all that Zack had to be repainted every week,and every two hours if it rained. But this seems of littleconsequence, seeing as rumor was threatening closure ofthe zoo. And if it took standing in the rain painting a horseblack and white to avoid redundancy, the zoo workers werequite happy to undertake the task.

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