Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What actually happened? Was it an accident? Orwere there in fact ulterior motives behind a consciousexperiment?More and more people are beginning to wonder if thelatter proposition was in fact the case, and whether theChernobyl disaster was not in fact the horrific accident itwas made out to be but rather that it was consciously driveninto an extremely dangerous situation on April 26, 1986.Chernobyl was certainly a situation known for its dangers,and the complete security mechanisms were left unobserved.The series of reported mistakes that went into theexplosion are, to an extent, unbelievable. But why wouldthe Soviet authorities have ordered such a large-scale disaster,devastating the lives of so many millions of people?It has been suggested that the most likely explanationwould be that the disaster constituted an experiment to preparefor fighting a nuclear war. If Chernobyl can ever makesense, one explanation could be that it would have been alogical starting point if Moscow was putting a plan for nuclearwar against the West into action. If this was the case,it would have been necessary to test and conduct research into procedures and equipment that had been designed duringthe Cold War years to protect against radioactive contaminationin the aftermath of nuclear war. Also, in orderto be able to implement long-term protection, leaders wouldneed to know about the immediate effects of the worst-casescenario. If a multiyear plan culminating in nuclear waragainst the West was in the cards, could a major nuclear disasterin the Ukraine have been a useful, if tasteless, preparatoryexperiment? The West has aided Russian scientists togather a wealth of information about the short- and longtermeffects of radioactivity. Furthermore, the most effectiveprocedures have been developed to deal with the contamination,which will be of tremendous value if Moscow does actupon the rumors that are circulating.Moreover, why should Russia be in the process of buildinga huge underground center in the Ural mountains? Andthe CIA’s former acting director recently told military servicesin America that being prepared for nuclear war withRussia must remain a priority at all costs. Certainly Russiahas been forced to modernize its nuclear infrastructure. Wecan only wait to see what will happen next.

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