Wednesday, June 18, 2008


AIDS is quite possibly one of the most horrific developmentsthis past century. Millions of dollars are beingpoured into research and yet a cure still seems all butcompletely elusive. Gone are the days of carefree sex ’n’drugs ’n’ rock ’n’ roll, as the deadly virus does not seem tobe at all choosy in who it targets.Shocking as the whole phenomenon would be if this reallywas a natural plague, theory has it that the AIDS viruswas in fact artificially manufactured by the U.S. governmentto kill African-Americans and this is being takenvery seriously by the black community. Rumors are beingcirculated that the disease was developed to kill off the socalled“useless eaters” of the human race—blacks, homosexualsand drug users to be more precise. The Minister ofHealth for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, Dr. AbdulAlim Muhammed, has called for a formal investigation. Inhis words:“We know from the Congressional Report that moneywas appropriated for the creation of artificial biologicalagents to defeat the human immune system. This tookplace in July of 1969. Ten million dollars was allocated to the U.S. army. So . . . let there be hearings to uncover thefiles.”Many African-Americans quote this experiment, whichtook place at Tuskegee as grounds for skepticism about thegovernment’s intentions. From 1932 to 1972 about fourhundred poor black men were used as guinea pigs as scientistsstudied the effects of syphilis left untreated. Andwhat’s more, as Thomas Blocker, Director of Health Professionsat Morehouse College says: “A number of peoplehave the idea that the re’s always the possibility that peoplewho are disadvantaged may be used as guinea pigs in termsof medicine.”We cannot know about the origins of AIDS. We do notknow whether the most lethal worldwide killer was born ofsome warped conspiracy in the name of population controlor scientific experiment. But they certainly succeeded if aconspiracy was at work. Perhaps they had not bargainedfor such dramatic results.

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