Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For many years, speculation has gone on about whatreally takes place in a remote part of the Nevadadesert. It seems somewhat strange that such a large expanseof land can be used to hide anything at all frompublic view, but it seems almos t certain that something istaking place there that the public is not meant to knowabout.The official line has it that the area is a military testingrange. The only concrete information we have isgeographical—we know that it is to the north of Las Vegas.Beyond that, we enter into a whole web of cover-upand conspiracy. Few people know what really goes on.Curtained off by a no-fly zone, it seems well-nigh impossibleto glean any reliable information. The military seemsto go to quite excessive measures to prevent any hope ofentry. If the area is a military firing range, this is justifiable,but still, the entry prohibitions seem stringent to saythe least. The area is fenced off, the fence being guardedby hundreds of closed circuit security cameras worthy ofa modern-day Berlin Wall. Signs in the proximity warn that deadly force and violence is quite permissible to preventintruders. Someone seems very keen to keep otherpeople out. The roads surrounding the area are guarded bywhite vehicles bearing government plates. They are mannedby men wearing black uniforms who appear to be heavilyarmed. Moreover, the roads are full of movement sensorswhich transmit any movement on the roads. All this doesnot seem to point to a conventional firing range.And we just do not know what happens inside the area,because hardly anyone has been inside. All we know is thatthere is a large airbase which is not recorded on any map.Some intrepid explorers have risked their lives by photographingit from nearby hills and thus we do have photographicevidence of the airfield’s existence.One theory would have it that the area is a research centerfor investigating UFOs and for manufacturing the infamousblack helicopters. Certainly, UFOs would need to betaken somewhere for investigation, such as in the aftermathof the Roswell incident. Of course, the American governmentcould also be trying to reproduce the technologygleaned from the alien spacecraft here.Cynics can pour cold water on the case of UFOs, but thecase of black helicopters is indisputable. The Americangovernment’s most deadly weapons have, for a long time,been kept secret to hide them from the view of potentialenemies. Whatever the reason for the ominous black helicopters,it is quite clear that the public is deliberately keptin the dark about them.An even more disturbing possibility is that some formof alien life is being kept alive in the area, retrieved fromtheir spacecraft. Who knows what happened to the alienbodies after Roswell? If this is the case, it would seem thatthe authorities are sitting on a time bomb. The very fact thealiens have managed to come to Ea rth at all would suggestthat their technology is far superior to ours. Which would,in turn, suggest that we cannot expect them to be subservientforever. Who knows how long it will be before the secret of Area 51 is revealed to us as the aliens break out oftheir confined space? There is without doubt somethingthat we are not meant to see in there. The possibilities are horrifying.

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