Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Startling new evidence suggests that ever since the collapseof the North American empire, the British havesought to undermine and subvert the integrity of the U.S.On several occasions Britain has launched programs to regainits “lost colonies.” What perhaps is most telling is itsbehavior during the early ’60s, when it took advantage ofthe ever-increasing popularity of several musical venturesand formulated a grand scheme to corrupt the minds of theAmerican youth in order to gain economic and cultural superiorityover the nation. By means of careful marketing,British bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones andThe Who took the U.S. by storm.Critics of this theory may reason that the effects of the“British Invasion” in the U.S. today are minimal. But perhapsmore telling is the British attitude towards those culturalicons who have acted as diplomats for the greatergood of the nation. This has included several knightings bythe Queen. Perhaps the British impact in the U.S. may remainundetected to this day.

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