Wednesday, June 18, 2008


By the twentieth century, the U.S. had established itsindependence and England had accepted that even ifthey had lost their colonies, they had gained a powerfulally. However, a small number of British people could notcope with the idea of colonial independence. Ever sincethe War of 1812, conspirators devised elaborate schemeafter elaborate scheme to return the colonies to Englishrule. After the SecondWorldWar, these thinkers devised aplan geared towards the collapse of the whole Americaninfrastructure.During the American boom years of the late 1940sthrough to the 1960s, the conspirators reached agreementswith several British car manufacturers looking to expandtheir markets in the USA. Soon, brands such as MG, Triumph,Austin-Healey and Jaguar began to sell cars thatwere exquisitely beautiful, but nightmarishly finicky andunreliable to operate. The conspirators believed that theAmerican roads, which, in the absence of an advancedpublic transport system, were so crucial to the running ofthe large nation, would grind to a halt as multitudes of Englishcars broke down and were left littering the surround-ing countryside. The inevitable economic collapse thatwould follow would weaken the nation so much that anarmy of English soldiers could march intoWashington andtake over the nation.Unfortunately, the English cars were so unreliable mostdidn’t make it past the docks. Once the Americans realizedwhat was happening they introduced safety regulations designedto bankrupt UK motor manufacturers. It worked!

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