Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Most people are only aware of one side to Elvis Presley.Most of us are unaware that he was in fact anagent for the CIA. And most of us are blind to the implicationsof this.Elvis’s rise in popularity provided the perfect cover fora top-secret military installation in the heart of Memphis,Tennessee. The fact that the site was so high profile meantthat the CIA officials could be as open as the y wanted as itwas thought that no one, internal or foreign, would eversuspect an international celebrity’s home as a headquartersfor an international spy network. However, obviously someprecautions had to be taken and to prevent a suspiciousnumber of government vehicles congregating in Elvis’sdriveway, an extensive system of tunnels were dug, someextending for several hundred yards. At Agent Presley’sdeath, the government took precautionary measures to ensurethat the mansion remained within the Presley family.Rumor has it that, despite the constant waves of tourists,the tunnel network is in continuous use.

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