Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Strong bones and teeth, but at what cost? Unnamedsources have revealed information regarding the massfluoridation conspiracy in Westernized countries. Couldthe addition of this powerful chemical to our drinking systembe wreaking havoc on our people? There is a distinctpossibility that information is being withheld from the publicin a massive cover-up.There is no denying that fluoride does initially strengthenbones and teeth. But the benefits are short-lived. Therecomes a point when genetic damage erupts. Bones areweakened to the point of complete dissolution. Within sevengenerations, offspring of fluoridated reproduction are bornwithout any skeleton at all.This theory provokes the serious concern that there is adreadful fate in store for the entire Western world. Furthermore,the question is raised of whether the potentially direconsequences were known when fluoride was introducedinto our water. Could this be yet another disturbing attemptto curb population growth?

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