Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Aliens are nearly always presented as harmless, ratherclueless little green men. It is only very rarely thatthe possibility is presented that their intentions may not beentirely laudable, even in the light of the fact that their victimshave all claimed to have been taken against their willand that they were completely powerless to protect themselvesfrom various assaults. It cannot be denied that kidnapping,molestation and even rape are atrocious, even ifthe acts are committed by extraterrestrial beings with differentsocial and moral codes from our own.What is perhaps most disturbing is the considerable evidencepointing to the fact that the Western world’s leadersare heavily involved with the aliens. This involvementwould appear first and foremost to be military, which isdisturbing at the best of times and, in non-wartime, downrightsinister. Witnesses testify to the fact that particularlyhigh numbers of UFOs are to be spotted around militarybases all over the world, that there are military centershidden underground all over the United States and thatsome people can even hear a disturbing buzzing sound inthe southwestern U.S., which can only be caused by some massive underground project. What could the governmentbe trying to hide? Why the need for massive security?Can we really doubt that governments are capable ofmaking a deal with an alien race? After all, why not allowthese foreign races to take animals and humans for experiments,genetic engineering or any other purpose in exchangefor technology going far beyond our own primitivescientific knowledge? Stories of abductions would suggestthat aliens and those who deal with them have provedthemselves to be far from trustworthy. Such actions arefrightening and point to nothing less than a malevolentconspiracy.Much UFO activity conveys a seemingly harmlessprogram under the guise of exploration. By acting out apretense of having no intention of domination, extraterrestrialsfeign what humans would term conscience, if aprimitive conscience, of good and evil. And moreover, theyare able to persuade our governments why they should workin cooperation together. They pile on the pathos and byclaiming to be a physically weakened race who merelyneed to join their genetic makeup with a more developedhuman DNA structure to survive, they present a convincingtale that they have escaped from a dying planet and needthe help of sympathetic foreigners. They thus manage tosatisfy the humanitarian instincts in governments.And so the saga continues and it would seem that we areheading towards inevitable catastrophe. Because as long asour governments continue in their naive gullibility, goingalong in their blindly altruistic beliefs that their deal with thealiens is mutually beneficial, the more leeway this givesthe aliens. It would seem that the fate of our entire race, not tomention our planet, is at stake here. World domination byan extraterrestrial people is not an entirely comfortable prospect.

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