Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In 1969 the rumor that Paul McCartney had died threeyears earlier raged around the world, coinciding with increasinglywidespread suspicion of a conspiracy behind theassassination of JFK. Propagators of the theory claimedthat Paul had actually died in a road crash three years earlier,in accordance with the lyrics of the song “A Day in theLife.” “He blew his mind out in a car,” the lyrics state. “Hedidn’t notice that the lights had changed.” And then, evenmore suspiciously, “A crowd of people stood and stared,they’d seen his face before.”On the cover of the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely HeartsClub Band album, the number-plate of one of the cars inthe foreground reads “28 IF.” If Paul had lived, he wouldhave been 28 by then. Moreover, George Harrison is wearingclothes that clearly resemble an undertaker. In the albumitself, at the end of “Strawberry Fields,” John Lennon’srepeated intonation of the words cranberry sauce mustsurely be a fairly transparent disguise for the words “I buryPaul.”It is said that after Paul’s death, the group searched fora replacement so that they could continue with the same success as before. So they drafted in a certain Billy Shearsas a replacement, gave him extensive plastic surgery andall grew beards so that no one would actually be able to seethe minor facial discrepancies that gave away the fact thathe was not the real Paul. If the conspiracy holds, they did apretty good job of it.

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