Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Of the thousands of column inches and hundreds ofbroadcast hours devoted to the phenomenally successfulseries of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, only ascarce few have claimed the influence of the occult withinthis remarkably popular set of books.The fifth installment, Harry Potter and the Order of thePhoenix, contains exactly 666 pages (excluding the prologue).The book’s worldwide release date was at midnighton the eve of the Summer Solstice. Although cynics wouldsuggest this was a simple marketing gimmick, there was noreference made to the unusual timing of the launch in thepromotional campaign.Many studies on the Harry Potter series have noted varioussymbolic connections. The lightning scar by whichHarry is recognized is a symbol used in Satanism. Unicorns,which are featured in the series, are symbolic of theAntichrist. The Phoenix is said to be Lucifer, who was castdown in flames and will rise again triumphantly. Mandrakeplants resembling humans are grown and used for medicinalpurposes, leading some people to draw comparisonswith human sacrifice. Some believe these connections are made deliberately to confuse the young mind. However, 60percent of Harry Potter books are purchased for adults toread, which may suggest that an interest in the occult has amuch wider grip on society than was previously realized.

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