Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Quite apart from his underhand dealings with the CIA,there seems to be another side to Elvis that is generallyunknown. The suggestion that Elvis may have killedcharismatic President John F. Kennedy for having hoggedthe media coverage is not to be missed. It would seem thata whole chain of events was triggered by this event andthat a network of conspiracies can be unraveled by examiningit.If Elvis killed Kennedy, the question remains as to whokilled Elvis. And if jealousy over media coverage was onereason for the assassination, it would make sense that JohnLennon was overcome by a similar pique of jealousy andkilled Elvis to make way for his own publicity.And the theory does not stop there. It would seem thatLennon did not think ahead very far and see that Elvis wasinfluential. The theory alleges that the tragic assassinationof John Lennon in 1980 might have been performed byElvis supporter Michael Jackson, who, in turn, closed thecircle of conspiracy and gave the whole thing away bymarrying Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. The celebrityworld is nothing if not incestuous.


Guru the MAD Monk said...

The only people who don't believe that Elvis shot JFK are DUPES of the fascists! No speaking truth to power there!

Zoe Rivers said...

That's easy. Ringo Starr killed Elvis.