Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Earthquakes are an example of Mother Nature’s mostdestructive natural disasters. They have left a trail ofdevastation across the globe and throughout the centuries.But could it be that more recent seismic activity is theproduct of man and not of the earth?In the deep recesses of the Alaskan tundra U.S. intelligenceare working on a new weapon for the twenty-firstcentury. Known as Project HAARP (High-Frequency ActiveAuroral Research Program), the project is described asthe world’s largest “ionospheric heater.” It transmits highfrequencyradio waves into the ionosphere, sending morethan a gigawatt of energy into the sky. The official explanationfor this project from the U.S. Navy is that it is “toobserve the complex natural variations of Alaska’s ionosphere.”This could lead to advances in communicationstechnology, enabling transmissions to be sent over enormousdistances and underground.But independent analysts believe this is a pretext concealingthe true nature of the project, which is to developnewtechnologies enabling human manipulation ofweather patterns, mind control and man-made earthquakes. In hisbook, HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy,Jerry E. Smith predicts that these experiments may havefar graver consequences than people realize. The HAARPproject involves detecting and observing electromagneticactivity, which is the catalyst for seismic activity and movementamongst the Earth’s tectonic plates. This technologycould be harnessed by the military to trigger earthquakes,either deliberately or by accident. The science behind this isso complex that unless those working on it fully comprehendit they could create an unexpected disaster.Man can already instigate seismic activity throughfive known techniques: injecting fluids into the earth atextremely high pressures; extracting fluids already underground;mining activity and quarrying; testing nuclearweapons; and constructing artificial barriers like dams andreservoirs. Scientists agree that there have been man-madeearthquakes already. In Denver during the 1960s there wereseveral earthquakes of varying intensity which coincidedwith waste disposal schemes that involved injecting wastedeep underground. This high pressure injection of wastetriggered the release of stored strain energy in the undergroundrock, causing the destruction of several blocks ofsuburban Denver.The exploitation of the HAARP technology could provevital for the Pentagon. In the future if they wanted to createinstability in a region, instead of using conventional militarycapability, they could manipulate an area using geophysicalweapons. According to Professor Gordon MacDonald,“The key to geophysical warfare is the identification ofenvironmental instabilities to which the addition of a smallamount of energy would release vastly greater amounts ofenergy.” Just tiny amounts of energy could spell catastrophe,especially in poor regions of the world with an inferior infrastructureand shoddily constructed buildings. The blamefor these events would appear to lie with Mother Nature andnot with the real culprits. The implications of this are enormous. All future disasterscould potentially be created by covert military planners.With secrecy of the project being imperative, the realcause of these events could be undetectable to the outsideworld.

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